Leonidas murdered you and your whole family, then he burned all your properties, and finally he buried you in the losers cemetery.

Still, thank you for playing.

This game version was made in two months during the world mytholojam. Many thanks to Yuichi Broccoli for the use of his beautiful music !

Thanks to Ève, Hannah, Lucas, Vincent for the support and the feedback.

Website of the game : (outdated)

Included tracks from Yuichi Broccoli : Chuck (orignal and an edited sample), Mens Road, マレット Mullet (edited), さみしい Lonely (edited), スネーク (edited), たぶんフードファイター Maybe She's a Food Fighter (edited).

The game include edited ascii art from dew, jgs and lgb

Includes an edited sample of the song Dummy Track by Why Be, Elysia Crampton, & Chino Amobi from Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City.

Font in use : TopazPlus a600a1200a4000 from TrueSchool

Git repository :

Source code under GNU General Public License v3.0.



Karu & Adel Faure

Get in touch with us :

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your game reminds me school when your exams are never good enough to go to a free prestigious college (no offense ^.^) what a terrible nightmare where you have to labour against your will under the power of a terrible-death-threatener boss, kneeling in front of a god of flames ... oOo wait ! is that our actual mythological world ?-? lol

thanks for dug up ascii art for making this nightmare ^-^ also it's cool that you've made this game on a web page !!-!! (makes easier the sharing to friends ;^) and doesn't take up much space on a computer haha)

ps. very nice music but the transition are a bit clumsy or abrupt between two song ... are you doing it that way on purpose ?